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A truly versatile musical artist who shatters the boundaries.

Sean first started listening to music and playing guitar at the age of fourteen. His early influences were Metallica, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert. After mastering the art of shredding and playing lead guitar, Sean began to develop a new love affair with Classical and Flamenco music. These styles of music would begin to open his mind to playing multiple things at once. Something that would come into play later in life.

After completing highschool Sean joined the band Burning Tree Projekt aka "BTP" and toured the US and Canada. They found themselves several opportunities on MTV and opened for Fallout Boy, Plain White T's, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, and many more.

During his downtime Sean began to produce musical artists and bands out of his recording studio Digital Dungeon. This not only taught Sean how to be a proficient engineer, but it forced him to learn all the different functions of each band member.

It was during this time that Sean got a serious spider bite infection on his lower back that left him imobile for two weeks. All he had was a guitar and a lot of time to kill. Little did he know, this would be a massive blessing in disguise that would alter the path of his life forever.

Sean Gordon aka "Shonsta"

Sean decided to use the time to arrange a solo guitar version of the Simpsons theme song and record himself performing it in his ex-girlfriend's garage in which he was living at the time.

Sean decided to post the Simpsons video on the net since he noticed a new trend of funny and cool video sites popping up. One of those sites happened to be Youtube. Shortly after, a Youtube staff member decided to feature the video on the homepage and Sean became instantly "internet famous" with the video receiving approximately 5 million hits in around 3 months time.

Among those 5 million viewers was Alf Claussen, the composer for the Simpsons. He invited Sean to sit in on an episode of The Simpsons that was to be scored at the Capital Records building in Studio A. With excitement, Sean took a bus and walked in the rain to get to the session since he did not have a car. After the session Alf asked "So you want to be a composer?".

The thought of scoring films never crossed Sean's mind previously nor did he know how to compose for orchestra, but since BTP had just recently disbanded he decided to just go with it. Alf mentored Sean at further Simpsons sessions which brought his mind to a whole new musical and technical level.

After a few months Sean got his first Film Scoring gig that he co-composed with his best friend Sal Perales. The movie was Wasteland. After that the duo scored the film Urgency Starring Brian Austin Green. Then, Sean decided to close up the recording studio and focus solely on making music for films.

Sean then Produced a song for Underworld 3: Rise of The Lycans and scored The Treck and Halfway To Hell. Around this time, Sean began learning about composing music for commercials and did songs for Franklin Templeton, Bank of New York, SF Giants, Best Buy, Nintendo, X-Box, Discovery, The Super Bowl, and many more.

Next came the creation of Vasona, a "just for fun" band between Sean and good friends Aaron Robinson and Aaron LaMorte. Their single "We Find Our Way" became the SF Giants' new theme song in 2012 and can be heard on many of their commercials.

Now Sean resides in Southern California where he continues to compose music both for fun and for the screen. If you are interested in booking Sean for any musical needs, please get in touch today.



December 25, 2013

2nd place winner of the Soundiron Omega video contest

Sean takes 2nd place for his "Will" theme song entry in the first annual Soundiron Omega video contest.

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September 9, 2013

New genre hits the web

"My Heart Is Gone", the new single from Shonsta, hits the web today. This new genre called "Flashpop" combines flashy guitarwork and pop music.

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