My New Video Game


That’s right! I’m finally living out my childhood dream of making a video game. It’s called Liquid Metal and is about an all-robot planet called Xenobia. It gets attached by aliens, who turn out to be HUMANS! You play as a robot named Doug, and have to save your abducted girlfriend and the planet before the humans completely destroy it!

Check it out here:

#1 On Amazon

Money 4 Music has been #1 in [Music/Business] best-seller list on Amazon for the past 4 days! It’s such an honor to see the book reaching and helping so many people. Thanks for all the incredible 5 star reviews and sharing your feedback. As a first-time author I didn’t know what to expect from all this. I just knew there was a topic that hasn’t been written about yet and I happened to be the guy that should write it. My hope is to educate every musician that is looking for more out of their music. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your new journey. Don’t forget to grab a copy of The Commercial Composing Handbook if you are interested in the artistic side of writing and composing commercial music.


Taylor Swift Bad Blood Music Video

Taylor Swift Bad Blood, the new music video that shattered the Vevo record with 20.1 million views in 24 hours. It is one hell of a video too. The star studded cast is awesome and the look is something like “Tron” meets “Sucker Punch”. It is really kick ass in all ways. It was nice seeing my mom (Cindy Crawford) in there. Back in high school people used to say she was my mom because we share the same mole. It was either her, or Madonna. Now that I think about it, did they get their moles removed?

Anyway, back to the video. I couldn’t resist making my own version of the song. After thinking how to cover it, I decided to go full-on rock without following any formula, just pure “What I Would Do” mentality with zero thoughts of “Will people like it”. It was pretty fun! So far it has been performing very well on YouTube compared to my usual numbers for the first two days of launching so we’ll see just how far this little engine goes 🙂

I would love to hear your feedback on my version. Leave a comment or get in touch on my “contact” page. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter as @shonsta

Watch the original here:

Give it a watch, and SHARE SHARE SHARE it!!!

Money 4 Music

After over ten years of working in the professional audio world I have decided to retire as a commercial composer and pass my knowledge on to others. While there are plenty of books about music, I noticed that there are are none that teach the secret goldmine of commercial composing. So I have taken it upon himself to be that “bridge” for those who are passionate about making a living with their music.

This has come in the form of two books “Money 4 Music” and “The Commercial Composing Handbook“. The former being strictly about the business and how to make money and the latter about the artistic compositional side of commercial composing.

Both can be found on here: Click Here To Learn More
The Commercial Composing Handbook