Sean Gordon aka “Shonsta” has been composing music for over 20 years. His love for a broad range of genres has made him a musical powerhouse in the commercial composing world. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the business, Sean has built a body of work that is both diverse and well known.

The Simpsons

Sean was first noticed by Alf Claussen (The composer for the Simpsons) because of his solo guitar arrangement of the Simpsons theme song that was blowing up during the early days of YouTube. With mentorship and hard work, Sean began his film composing career. After three years Sean finally discovered the incredible world of commercial composing. This is where he would spend the next 5 years of his life making a variety of music for many popular brands and products.

Having a passion for teaching others, Sean decided to write a book on the subject of commercial composing and the secrets that come with making thousands of dollars per job that most people are unaware of. The book is called “How To Make a Truckload of Money With Your Music” and can be found here: Click Here For More Info

Sean has since retired from commercial composing and focuses on his other life passions now. He also runs a pretty successful YouTube channel as a hobby where he performs crazy arrangements of popular songs on his guitar. This is also where he posts his music videos and original work. You can check it out here: Sean’s Youtube Channel

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