Sean Gordon director

Unbeknownst to him, Sean began his directing career at an early age. He and his friends would film SNL style comedy sketches after school back in their teens. The group was called “Colossal Theatre“. After parting ways once high school was completed, Sean and his brother Jesse decided to try and get the troop back together for a feature length film.

With their own money, they put together a purposely cheesy horror flick called “The Oatmeal Man“. It is chock full of dirty humor, scantily clad girls, and a disgusting oatmeal monster. This would be the movie to jump start Sean’s professional directing career. You can get a copy on the Shop page or the Official Oatmeal Man Website.

Sean would then move on to directing commercials and promotional videos for real estate and assorted clients.


He has a few projects in the pipeline, some cheesy, and some serious. Which one/s will be next is yet to be seen but you can follow Sean’s progress and stay up to date with all his work by subscribing to his mailing list.

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